2013 Horoscope
Druka Panchang Ganita, Panchanga Siddhanta, Panchang Author: Pundit Mahesh Shastriji, Seattle, WA USA
Inspiration: Late Pundit Maganlal Devshanker Shastriji
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Pundit Mahesh Shastri
Astrological Predictions for the Year 2013

Contributed by Shri Pundit Parasharji

Pundit Parashar is one of the member of our elite astrologer's panel. He writes weekly horoscope columns in various newspapers across the world and in many leading online websites including this one. He can be reached at 510-886-4370.

Note: These horoscopes provided here are general purpose only, to get accurate predictions, please combine with your birth chart, moonsign, lagna, mahadasa and other details. For more details or questions about these forecasts please reach him at parashar @ parashar dot com.

I think its high time for my readers to understand some fundamental principles of how these weekly and yearly predictions are made. In yearly forecast mainly we look into the transit of planet Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and ketu. It.s very important to know the basis on which the interpretation of these transits are made. Jupiter is an auspicious planet and yield to give good results during its transit in various houses but that.s not true. Planet Jupiter is really good when transiting fifth, seventh ninth or his own sign or house but as they have a shloka Saying . Sthaan Haani Karoh Jivah .. Here Sthaan means place or house, Haani means impair or damage, Karoh means does, and Jivah in Sanskrit language is another name for Planet Jupiter or Guru. what it means is that Planet Jupiter impairs the house he is transiting in different ways. On the other hand transiting Saturn in very helpful in third, sixth and eleventh house or transiting various houses where he is a friend of the Sign occupied by Sun or Moon or transiiting in the capacity of Raja Yoga Karka as in case of people with their Sun or Moon in Taurus or Libra ascendant. And of course the transits of Planet Sun, Moon, Mars ,Mercury and Venus are also taken into serious consideration and interpretation of their transits are included as per their locations and the relations to the sign occupying Sun or Moon sign. Normally transit of Malefics like Sun and Mars is considered favorable in third, sixth , eleventh or when they are transiting in the capacity of helpful planet for various Sun or Moon sign. For an example since for Cancer the planet Mars is considered Raja Yoga Karka, its effects in different houses will be mostly helpful. Now Jupiter will stay in Taurus till May 31st, 2013 and Saturn will stay in Libra throughout 2013. Rahu will transit Libra and Ketu will stay in Aries throughout 2013. Now lets see how these will impact various signs.

ARIES / Mesha (March 21 to April 20):
Money wise the first six months looks very promising as compared to last six months of year 2012. You will be plain lucky in all money matters. The value of your assets and stocks previously purchased will appreciate. You will have better controls over expenses which have already come down a lot in past month. After May 31st, you are going to have better luck in almost everything. Most of your plans will hit bulls eye without any difficulty. Some one lot older and possibly with grey hairs could be instrumental in your success. There is a strong chance that some of you will change your job in early part of 2013. New job will be definitely better, closer to home and have a relaxed atmosphere. It will be a better year for bachelors also, marriage is definitely in the air. Spouse will also have better luck and purchase of another property not out of question. People in business in partnership will get out of one or buy their partners out. You will become financially very strong in 2013.

TAURUS/Vrishabha (April 21 to May 20):
You will continue to well in career. Patience and hard work will help you make your way and you will keep climbing up the ladder of success. Presence of exalted Saturn in sixth will help you gain an edge over your even the strongest opponents. Some of your business competitors may leave the scene adding more foot traffic to your business in 2013. Its some health issue that will keep your mind little occupied till May 31st but will come under full controls there after. You should restrain your self and try not to stretch your limits too much other wise will find your self under lots of financial pressure in second half of 2013. If are involved in any law suit, Saturn in sixth kind of guarantees a clear cut win with large financial gains before May. You will definitely change of of your vehicles with new and luxury version. If you do not gamble, you will accumulate lots of wealth in 2013.

GEMINI / Mithuna (May 21 to June 20):
You will be spending lots of money on family and may have done some addition done to your home or some big renovation done to your home in first half of 2013. As far as the money is concerned, some time you will lot and some times none, but you will have ample and gracefully meet all your commitments on time. A child will move away for educational purpose this year. Second half of 2013 is what you should be looking forward to when Jupiter moves into your sign and brings all kind of relief in big way. Some of you may start another venture in partnership or float your own consulting company. Project will be instant success and go a long way. Bachelors will be successful in finding a right soul mate but the person will most probably be born overseas. You are full of bright ideas and should not hesitate to implement them this year. Start small and the planets promise that you will end up growing like a banyan tree.

CANCER / Karka (June 21 to July 22):
Lots of you will change in career in first half of 2013. Vehicles will need repairs off and on. You will continue to maintain a low profile in first half of 2013 and wait for the right opportunity to strike which will of course come right after May 31st, 2013. you will take several important trips overseas this year and may start a big project in foreign lands in second half. Opportunity to purchase a nice piece of property will come around June and you will not hesitate even for a minute and go for it. You may win few favors from Government this year and it will help existing business grow and diversify. Spouse will have better health and may also get some money out of a litigation. Children your biggest assets , will continue to march towards your professional goals. You should continue to try your hands at lottery this year as strong Sun in May and June can get you the much needed large chunk of money. You will start helping spouse more at home and at the business. Anything to with overseas will be lucky for you after May 31st.

LEO / Simha (July 23 to August 22):
This will be a very fortunate year for you. Changes you make in career will prove to be lucky and turning point in second half. Business should multiply to at least twice this year. You will travel long distance more than once for recreation purpose in 2013. Image in society will improve and you may win big favors from a government agency. Some of you may initiate a big law suit to prove your point or to recover what belonged to you in first place. The judgment will be quick and favorable or the other party may even offer good settlement out of court. For people looking for an expansion in family, planets will make it happen in second half when Jupiter aspects its own house, the house of children. Number of you will move into bigger and better homes this summer.You will definitely add more and luxury model of vehicles to your existing fleet. you will sign couple of big contracts or deals in second half. For people in jobs, a big promotion is also not out of question around July or august of 2013.

VIRGO/Kanya (August 23 to September 22):
This year will bring many changes in life. If you are not careful and take any hasty decisions, it could hurt your finances and personal life too. Money wise things will stay very tight and you may keep disposing off your assets in order to meet your commitments. There will be big changes in career in mid 2013 and some of you may get out of ventures chewing you up in the past and take up some job for the time being. Bachelors will be successful in finding a very noble, suitable and very professional match this year. Some of you may even start new venture on a small scale in partnership with some nice and like minded people around April or may. Your commitments and expenses on family, children will escalate in 2013. Avoid investing in any old or run down property, its not going to be profitable. You will be taking a trip overseas to meet an important person who can turn things around, if you play your cards right. You will have to completely rely on your own instincts as right help will be a difficult commodity.

LIBRA / Tula (September 23 to October 22):
This year could be another turning point in your life if you have and patience and ready to work hard. Raja Yoga Karka Saturn in your sign will turn things around in your favor and will take you to new levels in life. Rahu will change your personality. you will become a no nonsense and tough person and probably that is the way to succeed in life. Children will excel in what ever they are involved in. There will be peace at home and mind will be more settled from now and on. Some of you may find good luck and fortune in direction west this year. It will be a great year for people involved in high tech industry. You may also secure a big business loan to help you expand your horizons to far off lands this year. Spouse may have some unexpected and beyond comprehension health issues this year. Some of you will be moving to a very large property with lots of greenery around this summer. Bank balance may not grow that much but your credibility, assets and value will appreciate in year 2013.

SCORPIO/Vrischika (October 23 to November 22):
Progress will be slow as in the past six months but you will continue to make all commitments on time. People in medical profession should not let their guards down and make sure that paper work is complete as the threat of a malpractice law suit still looms around because of Saturn.s transit in twelfth in 2013. Money wise you will be comfortable throughout as expenses will stay on lower side and the growth will be steady. April and onwards you will have new clients and foot traffic will grow. Most of new clients will come through referrals. August will bring some major and positive changes in career. Some of you may take over another running business on some very easy repayment terms. Children will continue to do well in their lives and you may even become grandparent for the first time this summer. You will take all decisions after careful thinking. Investments you make this year will turn profitable in coming years only. You may receive some money from an insurance company in second half of 2013.

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanus (November 23 to December 22):
Things will stay slow in first half. Pressure will be too much and you will not have any choice but to face it. Some of you may stay away most of the time for business purpose or assignments till may 31st but things will change for betterment right thereafter. People taking advantage will be moved away and you will regain your right place in the career or the organization. Month of July will bring relief in a huge way and you will have the Midas touch for about two months so do not hesitate and aim high as dream can become reality during these two months. A new association or partnership possible with an intellectual person with some age difference. This person could be short in height too. Money wise you will become very careful and as a result your bank balance will creep up in 2013. Chances of money through legal matters still stay strong. You will be successful in getting an important issue resolved with a government agency in 2013. Maintain the fighting spirit and you will make it a great year.

CAPRICORN / Makara (December 22 to January 19):
It will be another fruitful year. You will continue to march ahead against heavy odds. expect lots of financial growth in 2013. The size of family will also grow. Another child or marriage of a child very much possible before end of May. Some of you may file some kind of complaint against your employer this year. The judgment will come fast and in your favor. You will make new friends and useful contacts. You will meet an important personality during the course of a business trip. this person will help you beyond your imagination. You may travel overseas with family to attend a wedding of close relative also. You will stay little double minded about leaving your existing home and move to a bigger property. Your interest in higher philosophy will increase and you may associate your self with a charity organization. Some of you may even diversify and get into gas or automobile business. Blessings and valuable advice of a holy man will continue to steer your life in the right direction.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (January 20 to February 18):
Since the size of family will grow you will move to a bigger place this summer. Large gains from overseas and in projects going on in other countries are possible this year. Planets will help you grow against heavy odds and tough market. You may be the one selected for an important assignment among number of contenders. Boss will be always on your side. your automobiles may need minor repairs off and on and ultimately you may decide to replace one of them with another economical model. there will be another addition in the family after June and simultaneously you will move to a bigger home in a better area. Once Jupiter moves in fifth after may 31st, there will be sudden financial growth. Opportunity to make money will come by them selves. You may dispose off some earlier investments for a huge profit. The only negative thing this year is the health of an older family member. You may make couple of trips overseas in this respect. You will benefit from a bald person with honey color eyes.

PISCES / Mina (February 19 to March 20):
Things will stay slow for first half of 2013 but once Jupiter moves into the fourth house, everything will turn around to your advantage. A huge promotion with added benefits and bonus will be offered by same or other well known company. Some of you may need minor surgery to get rid of an old problem this year. Several important meetings will take place during the month of April and May. you will receive good tips and guidance from some one you met in past few months. You will be applying for a big loan possibly a real estate loan in month of July. You may take a trip overseas to see some close family member in month of august. Few old friends will try to come back in your life but you will be reluctant to take them back. You may receive a temporary assignment to teach a class also in month of April or May. There is a strong chance for some real easy money or the money you invested and forgot or gave up on some investment, so keep your eyes open and check mail carefully and keep playing lottery this year.


yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
Pundit Mahesh Shastri
Seattle, WA, USA
mypanchang at live dot com


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