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Financial Jyotish

2.2 Each planet as a money planet

So now you know how to determine the money planets for a chart.

If you've determined a planet is a money planet, that means it will likely have an effect on money, pro or con.

So let's get a little more specific and see how each one might play out, depending on its qualities.

Planetary Indications That May Relate to Money

I'm sure you already know a lot about what each planet can represent, but here's a helpful list of indications for each planet that might relate to money (or prosperity in general).

It's in short-hand form so it's up to you to extrapolate and expand on how a core indication might possibly manifest. Get creative and play with ideas!

Note that this is not, by any means, an exhaustive list, so if you are aware of or have noticed indications other than those listed here, do consider them.

Here I've included mostly positive indicators so we can see the best sources of money in a chart. Still, almost any indication can manifest positively or negatively as described below under Positive or Negative Indications.


Body, father, individuality, rational mind, creativity, identity, self-image, willpower, vitality, honor, dignity, status, nobility, power, authority, leadership, supervising, organizing, ruling, government, politics, public activity, dignitary, victor, fame, celebrity, gold(smith), jeweler, theatre, arbitration, mediation, financier.


Mind, mother, females, sociability, the public, popularity, personality, emotions, happiness, sensitivity, imagination, romanticism, memory, habits, dependency, security, home-based or related, food-related, nourishment, agriculture, gardening, nursing, healing, water-related, travel.


Brothers, friends, enemies, military, war, enmity, injury, logic, science, strength, courage, passion, ambition, drive, action, competition, physical activity, boxing, rulership, leadership, assertiveness, mechanical, technical, engineering, construction, politics, corporate management, industry, fire-fighter, cooking, athletics, crusader, commander, weapons, sharp instruments, barber, dentist, surgeon, chemistry, agriculture, land, wild animals, metals (especially iron or steel), punishment, crimes, police.


Childhood, education (including teachers, students), intellect, wit, cleverness, playfulness, skill, dexterity, shrewdness,speech, speeches, politics, communication (talking or writing; postman, telephone operator, correspondent, stenographer, interpreter, documenter, etc.),communications (e.g. high-tech or information processing), trade, commerce, brokers, accountants, bookkeepers, clerks, book-related, astrology, energy work, listening, reading, observing, digital media.


Husband, guru, wealth, fortune, grace (or "luck"), children, spirituality, growth and expansion, humanitarian, wise, optimistic, generous, teaching (group or one-on-one), good judgement, counsellor, judge, law, publishing, philosophy, higher education, social cooperation, influential, prominence, political science, public office, executive, priest, minister, sage, administration, guardian, banker, orator, physician.


Wife, beloved, delight, feminine, creative, artistic or art-related, fine arts, poetry, photography, beauty and the beauty trade, charm, entertaining, comfort, luxury, gemstones, flowers, scents, clothing, confectiones, conveyances (including animals), harmony, balance, relationship(s) (including counseling others about all types of relationships), clients, sweetness (or sweets), pleasure.


Death (and professions related to), old age (and ancient things, antiques, etc.), longevity, time (and clocks, etc.) disease, authority, leadership, government, discipline, responsibility, hard work, dedication, realism, serious matters, durability, limitations, order, solitude, jailers, getaways, land or property (realtors, brokers, etc), organizer, management, politician, executive, technical areas, mining, excavating, renunciates, priests, monks, nuns, humble professions.


Collective trends, mass disturbances or catastrophes, disease, epidemics, psychic disturbances, originality, imagination, escaping (into "other worlds" such as addiction), travel, foreign influence, secretive (private investigators, spies, etc.), underground (literally and figuratively), renunciation, poisons, divorce, sexual deviations, insanity.


Healing (including mainstream doctors but mainly alternative healing modalities), intuition, spirituality, liberation, psychic or spiritual insights, depth, research, idealism (perhaps to the extent of actually walking away from worldly concerns), individualism, iconoclast, eccentricity, venom, smoke, darkness, night-time, explosives, war, injury, sudden mishaps, enmity, death.

Rahu and Ketu have some overlap, but keep in mind that Rahu is Saturn-like and Ketu is Mars-like, so take a look at Saturn and Mars indicators when evaluating them. They can also amplify the indications of any planet that strongly influences them, so take a look at that planet's indicators, as well as Rahu's or Ketu's dispositor.

Combined Influences

It would be too much to try to cover all the various combinations of multiple money planets that aspect or influence each other, but you can certainly mix and match the typical indications of the two (or more) planets for good ideas about how they may manifest.

These combinations will be valid even if one of the planets is not a money planet. It's still influencing the indicator so should be taken into consideration.

It's also helpful to look at almost any book (Jyotish or even Western) that lists combinations (usually listed as conjunctions, but any type of strong connection will give you some ideas). This is because sometimes a combination will bring a unique indication that isn't easily seen from combining the indications or qualities of each individual planet.

I like The Astrologer's Handbook by Frances Sakoian & Lois S. Acker best for combinations. Beneath a Vedic Sky by William Levacy is also good for this, among other things. For the combinations he primarily lists just personality traits but this can be helpful as it relates to vocation/career. Dr. K. S. Charak also lists combinations (including 3 and 4 planet combinations) in his book Yogas in Astrology. (Although I don't usually find the combinations section too useful, he elaborates in much more detail about all the money yogas we cover in this series. I highly recommend any of Dr. Charak's books; they are excellent.)

Positive or Negative Indications

Keep in mind that the money planet's placement and other influences must be considered before drawing any conclusions. (Placement will be covered in detail in Section 3.0.) Of course, the chart must be seen as a whole in order to best advise someone how to take advantage of or alleviate certain indications, but here are some of the relevant factors.

If a planet is strong and unafflicted, you can expect to see the more positive indications given above. Even natural or functional malefics often operate in a positive way under these conditions.

If it's weak and/or afflicted though, and especially if it's a weak or afflicted malefic (functional or natural), it will tend to manifest the more challenging or difficult indications. Note that even natural or functional benefics that meet these conditions can cause some problems.

Notice that most of the given indicators can manifest positively or negatively. For example, if the indicator is "death" and the planet is strong and unafflicted, it may show someone benefitting from an inheritance, or earning good money as a funeral director, selling life insurance, working in hospice, etc. But if the planet is afflicted or especially malefic, it may be that death of a loved one or a business partner hampers earning or is a drain on finances.

If a second planet strongly influences the money planet, be sure to evaluate the second planet to see if it will influence the money planet's function positively or negatively. You can use these same criteria I give for evaluating the money planet's positive or negative effects.

Upayas (or Remedies)

And remember, like I said in the Introduction to this tutorial:

Part of the beauty of jyotish is that it's not fatalistic. It provides built-in means to enhance opportunities and alleviate difficulties. ... I won't cover them because they are not specific to finances but remember that they are an integral part of jyotish and can actually sway results, sometimes significantly.

So don't forget to apply upayas when you see negative financial indicators!

In the next article, we'll cover a few more good money yogas (besides the all-important Dhana yogas that we've already covered).

And in the meantime, you can always leave comments or questions for me on the Financial Tutorial page at my site. I will respond.

Until next time!


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yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
Pundit Mahesh Shastriji
Seattle, WA, USA
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