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Nakshatra for Windows Software
(Current Version 2.13.133 -- Updated September 17th, 2010)   


Web Requirements


Other requirements for Microsoft Windows based PCs

Download & Installation

Usage and Basic Operations

Entering Chart Details

  1. Enter fullname of whose Jatakam/Kundali (Vedic Astrology chart of the sky at the time of birth) you want to prepare (for Numerology Feature we advise you to entere complete name or the name he is using)
  2. Select birth month from drop down box.
  3. Enter birth date and birth year
  4. Enter Birth time in the 24 hours format. If born in afternoon use 13:00 for 1 PM, 14:00 for 2PM basically add 12 hours to birth time for births during afternoon till midnight. For midnight use 00:00. If a person is born at midnight 12:00 hours, enter 00:00 as a birth time
  5. Select country of birth from the drop down menu
  6. If the country of birth is either India or United states you'll have a choice to select a birth state from drop down menu
  7. Enter first 3 character of Place of birth. Wait and you'll get a blue selection menu from which you can select place of birth
  8. If your birth place doesn't appear then use the original name for example: Enter Kolkata instead of culcutta, enter Chennai instead of Madras, enter Mumbai instead of Bombay, Bengaluru instead of Bangalore
  9. If you still can't find your location you can send us email with longitude, latitude of that place and we'll add it to our database. We can be reached at shastriji at mypanchang dot com.
  10. Alternatively you can enter longitude and latitude directly into appropriate fields. If you perfer to enter longitude / latitude manually and your country of birth observes daylight saving time you need to enter that information manually
  11. Daylight saving time will be automatically updated based on place of birth. However it's always important to double check such things
  12. Select your ayanamsha -- Lahiri is the most common. If you don't know which one to use then use lahiri. Most astrologers uses Lahiri Ayanamsha
  13. Select chart style -- North or South. This is used for divisional charts. Main Rasi and Navamansha chart will be drawn in both North indian and South indian format.
  14. Verify all details you have provided
  15. After verifying all details please click "Submit" button.

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